About Us

We Are Your Favourite Antiques Dealer.

Located in Fife within a short travel distance of Edinburgh’s historic town and established in 1970, Swallowdrum Antiques are happy to have celebrated over 50 years in the antiques trade.

A family-run business, that is renowned for it’s thoughtful and eclectic array of antiques.  That have all been handpicked for their quality, craftsmanship, value and originality.

Still based in its original location, within a countryside setting, Swallowdrum Antiques is filled with treasures for every taste and budget.  Situated within the backdrop of a countryside setting, looking on to an open outlook of the Fife countryside, we have pieces carefully selected for, authenticity and craftsmanship all displayed in original hand crafted cabinets and natural wood shelving.  Each item of stock has been carefully and predominantly sourced from within Scotland.

The business, in developing over the years is proud to have become one of the main suppliers of Clocks and time pieces to not only the novice but also the serious collector.  This has resulted in having a very wide and varied collections of Grandfather clocks and time pieces on the premises for sale.  A wealth of experience gained within the industry, a keen eye for quality time pieces has given us the confidence to be the place to go for the special time piece that the serious collector craves.

We also stock a large selection of antique furniture of all types, price ranges, varied styles and quality.  Artwork from a hand picked selection of artists, including one off pieces from well known artists. The range is wide and varied and should appeal to all tastes including the serious Art collector.

We can and do pride ourselves in being able to source and supply a very wide range, for all types, tastes and customer needs.  As well as the above items we do supply a range of varied pieces, including musical instruments, decorative sculptures, collectors pieces, Antique garden sculptures, Garden decorative pieces, vintage cycles and motor bikes plus a range of classic and vintage vehicles.